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February 29, 2000

Today's self-centered fun fact: A few months back I revised my listing on Yahoo to reflect who I am and why people on the Web would want to find me. My listing reads:

Wertheimer, David - web designer, internet consultant, HTML guru, Yankee fan.

(Shame on me for not capitalizing Internet.)

The fun discovery is that, should you find yourself needing an "HTML guru," I'm the second thing that pops up when you ask Yahoo to find you one. It's not very humble of me, but I like it.

More importantly, I also come up in a search for "Yankee fan."


February 27, 2000

Sometimes I just don't understand myself at all.


February 25, 2000

Look what David and I did. Hee hee!


February 23, 2000

Redesigned my home page a bit. Not very gossipy, I'm afraid, but it gives me a chance to plug netWert's Whimsy area.


February 22, 2000

Spotted on Cecil Adams's latest "The Straight Dope" column: "The mark of a truly great mind isn't whether you're right or wrong. It's how well you can weasel out of a jam."


I've been getting inquiries of late from people who question what I put on the Ideapad, wondering if it's wise that I speak my mind in public like this. They're looking out for me, in a way, but they're also questioning my decision to take on such public introspection.

To which I say: tough.

I write nothing in this space that I wouldn't gladly share over a cup of coffee. Indeed, a lot of my writings are things I'd like to discuss that I would have otherwise internalized, making this an excellent forum. I get to post my thoughts, and anyone wondering what's on my mind gets to read them.

No, I don't worry (much) about who stumbles across this page. It has made for intriguing conversation in the past and probably will again. And aside from a few glaring exceptions I have managed not to confuse or offend anyone, while I continue to receive positive feedback from friends and strangers alike.

Sorry for the rant, but I feel compelled to clarify my views. I am well aware -- and rather proud -- of what I post in this space. (Well, most of the time.) It's my outlet for my writing, my thoughts and, on occasion, my feelings. And I like it that way.


February 18, 2000

I have been getting serious Friday blahs lately. It'll be mid-afternoon and bam! okay, enough, I wanna call it a week. Can't figure out why. I hope to shake this soon.


Snow makes me happy, even if it does alter my weekend plans.


February 17, 2000

Spent the day at Hotjobs' WorkWorld New York job fair yesterday, manning the booth for I was completely against the idea of schmoozing with misdirected employee wannabe types for seven hours, but I had a much more enjoyable day than I had expected. Among the highlights:

- Lots of laughs with my coworkers, and not all of them were at our visitors

- Run-ins with people I know in the industry, including the woman who hired me into my dream job years ago, the new coworkers of my former production assistant, and one of my HTML students

- A little bit of chutzpah that led me to a great lunch (story not to be told online, sorry)

I was completely exhausted by around 4:30 p.m. yet managed to work hard until we took apart our booth around 6:30. We wound up with some decent employee leads, too, which could make the day worthwhile.

To top it off, I gave my leftover lunch to a homeless woman on the way back to my apartment, and later mustered up the energy to go to the gym -- a pair of minor decisions that made me quite proud of myself when I went to bed last night.

Every Wednesday should be this satisfying.


February 14, 2000

Not long ago I committed myself to my job and my physical well-being, social life be damned. And, of course, I promptly started dating again.

Now I find myself fretting about my love life -- will it work, how will it play out, where should we go this time out, what is she thinking about me? -- just when I was starting to get into my gym-rat groove.

Of course, psychological stress aside, I would be thrilled if things progress nicely. We'll see what happens.


My coworkers said "bless you" when I sneezed this morning.


I buy clothes way too often.


February 11, 2000

Today's entry has become "Making Gary Wright Proud," available on the essays list.


February 10, 2000

I'm not a weblogger, although I could fake it pretty well.

I have not become part of the weblog scene, even though I'm something of an online diarist. That bothered me for a while, the feeling that I'm somehow just below the radar, but now I rather like it this way. No rigor of daily updating, or a need to find links that the "community" may be impressed by and cross-reference in their own weblogs. Just my thoughts when they occur and an audience who finds them interesting.

Would I get a kick out of having, say, Cam put me in his weblog link list? Sure. But I'm just as content to meet him for lunch instead.


I can't wait to find a new apartment. Looking at a spring/summer move with a friend -- not the most pleasant ordeal in the world, finding a Manhattan residence, but I can't wait to have an apartment where a doorman can accept my packages and a super can fix what breaks and my landlord may actually call a plumber when my water is full of brown flecks of _something_ for an entire week.


I expected more from the week than I got. Oh well. This is why I have dedicated my winter to the job and the gym.


February 9, 2000

No one in my office says "bless you" when someone sneezes.


February 4, 2000

Next week promises to be good one.

The reasons hardly even matter -- it simply feels as though those "forces of nature conspiring with me" really are.

I walked out of work last night to the evening's first fat snowflakes, and my coworker remarked to me, "Snow! It's a good omen." And so far, it has been just that.


February 3, 2000

I've had a lot to say the last few days and haven't said any of it. Waiting for the Ideapad Essays to begin, I've silenced the journal, which I have decided is a bad idea.

Herewith, my thoughts from the last few days. Look for a split-screen Ideapad in a few weeks.


I have worked out on 10 consecutive scheduled occasions. Pretty good start to the fitness kick, especially in the dead of winter.


Memo to Dad: The Old Stand isn't what it once was. Or maybe it is -- which would explain a lot.


Spotted on the sidewalk on 86th Street:



My new job is going well so far. I like having two computers on my desk, although I have no desk space whatsoever. Need a little ergonomic assistance.

This office is going to have some shades of dotcom coolness to it. We have the walls painted nicely, and we just wall-mounted a 42" plasma monitor. Next up is the DVD-enabled computer, a Sega Dreamcast, and a leather couch. Not bad.


Hey, my brother just got Yahoo! Messenger. I love the Internet.

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