August 20, 1999

Coming Monday: New employee, new desk. Fairly psyched about the former, pretty bummed about the latter. Ya do what ya gotta do, though.

And hey, happy anniversary, Mom and Dad! (Not that they'll see this, but the effort is there.)


August 16, 1999

I love this quote from Gene Simmons regarding his views on drugs and alcohol. (Forgive his self-centered "pleasure that is me" comment and it rings true for me as well.)

"You know, it's all an illusion anyway -- I'm nothing of the sort. I've never been high in my life. I don't smoke or drink. I think anybody who smokes, drinks or gets high is a complete idiot and I tell them so. If you want to [have fun with me] and whip out your cigarettes and beer and stuff, then you're gone. You're out of there. Because anything that numbs your senses to the pleasure that is me is an insult to me."


August 10, 1999

I am soooo tired.

Couldn't sleep last night. Fan on, fan off, A/C on, A/C off, radio on, radio off -- no luck. And the little sleep I did get was interrupted by an ugly dream involving me, a friend, a mouse in my apartment and a tennis racquet. Yecch.

Sometime today I'm going to fall fast asleep. I just hope it's around 11 p.m. and not in the middle of the afternoon.


August 4, 1999

Confidential to Bored in Flemington: Hi there!


August 2, 1999

Just finished my first month as a Web-knowledge instructor. I have been teaching HTML Level 1 (the basics) to four eager students twice a week for the last two weeks.

At the end of tonight's class, a make-up session, both the students who attended asked if I would be teaching HTML Level 2 this fall, and if not, could I?

It was the nicest compliment I've received in a long time.